CompMon operator workshop 1

CompMon operator workshop 1


1st CompMon operator workshop

On the 14th April 2016 the first CompMon Operator workshop was organised by Belgium (MUMM) in collaboration with Finland (Trafi). There were participants from Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France and Sweden. Both academic, private and governmental organisations were represented. The main focus of the workshop was to assemble technical and operational people, actively involved in airborne MARPOL Annex VI surveillance and enforcement to jointly discuss and agree upon standard operational procedures for the execution of MARPOL Annex VI aerial monitoring.

During the workshop the participants were able to exchange and discuss their respective views and opinions on MARPOL Annex VI airborne surveillance and jointly contributed to compose the draft operational procedures and standards for the execution of airborne MARPOL Annex VI monitoring. These draft procedures will be tested during the following monitoring campaigns and if approved, adopted in a final ’best practice’ document.

MUMM (BE), Chalmers University (SE) and the FMI (FI) first presented their monitoring results. Thereafter, the private companies CLS and Explicit presented the use of Remote Piloted Airborne Systems (RPAS) and helicopters in combination with low cost sensors. After this MUMM led the discussion about the operational procedures for airborne MARPOL Annex VI monitoring. Finally, Åbo Akademi University presented the legal issues concerning the use of airborne data as evidence to court and possibilities for legal enforcement by administrative penalties.