CompMon Stakeholder conference 2

CompMon Stakeholder conference 2


Second CompMon Stakeholder Conference 8.12.2016

The second CompMon (i.e. Compliance Monitoring pilot for Marpol Annex VI) stakeholder conference was arranged in Brussels on 8th December at the Brussels44Center.

The conference was addressed to both civil and commercial organizations that have an interest in remote sensing and shipping in general. The conference was an excellent opportunity to learn the current situation of CompMon member states regarding the compliance monitoring of MARPOL Annex VI Sulphur regulations and the results of the project. 

Conference schedule and presentations:

08:30 Registration and breakfast
09:30 Welcome speech - the conference was opened by Secretary of State Philippe De Backer
09:45 Introduction to CompMon - Tapani Stipa, Adjunct prof. (Docent), Finnish Meteorological Institute
10:15 Coffee break
10:45 Theme 1: Authority view on complying with the sulphur regulations
Control of sulphur content of fuel used on board – Roland Vandenbussche, Coordinator, Environmental protection department, DG Maritime BE
Full journey compliance detection; Fuel Calculator – Jasper van Vliet, Senior Strategic analyst, Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate
Compliance levels at different sea areas – Dorte Kubel, Chief Adviser, The Danish Environmental Protection Agency
Data sharing and reporting - Caroline Petrini, Senior Environmental Advisor, Swedish Transport Agency and Dr. Jari Walden, Senior Research Scientist, Finnish Meteorological Institute
11:50 Thematic panel discussion 1
12:20 Lunch
13:20 Theme 2: Measurement techniques and methods
Measurement techniques used within CompMon for fixed and airborne sulfur compliance monitoring - Johan Mellqvist, Professor, Earth and Space Sciences, Optical Remote Sensing, Chalmers University of Technology
The use of mini sniffers and helicopters in compliance monitoring - Jon Knudsen, CEO, Explicit ApS and Karsten Fuglsang, Senior R&D Coordinator, FORCE Technology
Small boat as a measurement platform - Jyrki Vilo, CEO, Kine Robot Solutions
Concept of emission monitoring for EMSA – Jouko Salo, Chairman, Aeromon
Airborne MARPOL Annex VI monitoring – Ward Van Roy, Aerial Surveillance Operator, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences
Inversion methods - Dr. Ari Karppinen and Regional compliance monitoring - Mikhail Sofiev, Finnish Meteorological Institute
14:50 Thematic panel discussion 2
15:20 Coffee break

15:50 Theme 3: Compliance framework
Legal framework relating to monitoring and enforcement of sulphur regulationsHenrik Ringbom, Adjunct Professor (Docent) in Maritime Law and the Law of the Sea, Åbo Akademi University
The use of remote sensing in the Belgian legislation on administrative fines - Christophe Swolfs, Senior Legal Advisor, DG Maritime BE
Enforcement lessons learnt and future action – Sergio Alda, Senior Project Officer, European Maritime Safety Agency EMSA
Future views of compliance monitoring – Juha-Matti Korsi, Head of Department, Finnish Transport Safety Agency
17:00 Thematic panel discussion 3
17:30 End

Each thematic session was followed by a panel discussion to which participants were able to send questions during the presentations with their mobile devices through a dedicated website. The questions can be found here.