Activity 2

Activity 2


Activity 2: Collecting and processing relevant data from the Action

This scope of this activity is to collect information from all relevant processes that have been identified in the action. The outcome of the activity is a best practices document on performance of inspections and two pilot knowledge databases that will be used to monitor compliance efficiently.

Sub-activity 2.1 - Documentation on best practices

The scope of this sub-activity is to identify which facts concerning sulphur emission monitoring are relevant when inspection authorities are planning to procure sulphur monitoring services or equipment. These may include e.g. instrumentation accuracy for different applications, observation intervals, data transmission procedures etc.

Sub-activity 2.2 - Preparation of the Event and Knowledge databases

The scope of this sub-activity is to create and manage two knowledge databases that will be used for quality assurance of compliance monitoring information. This will include one off-line event database and an internal knowledgebase. These databases are also used by the Senior Inspection Officer’s Board as input for the strategy. Databases will be accessible to all Action partners.

The event database: the detection of compliance or non-compliance through CompMon systems constitutes an event and this database is used for internal metrics and quality assurance (sub-activity 4.1). The operators of the platforms described under activity 3 will send at regular intervals a summary of their events to the event database. This may include events that are useful when tracking the performance of CompMon platforms and when evaluating their cost effectiveness under activity 1.

The knowledge database: CompMon will create and maintain an internal knowledgebase which includes general information needed to facilitate the interpretation of the results by the inspection officers. All platform owners are responsible for keeping their information up-to-date.